We recognize that our employees are one of our greatest assets. We nurture a cooperative and productive working environment to ensure satisfied, motivated employees and we develop and implement practices aimed to attract, motivate, acknowledge and retain competent staff and crew members. This brings Nomad the very best talent and with it, high-quality performance. Our selection and recruitment process aims for the ideal mix of people for the team. Training programs ensure the personal satisfaction of professional development and excellent client service as well. Continuous improvement and best practices help us develop and sustain a culture of open communication, customer focus and performance-driven growth. We hope you become a proud Nomad professional and an honored member of the Nomad Aviation team.

Presently we are looking for:

IT System & Software Engineer 60% - 80% (w/m)

Sep 2, 2019

Für die Nomad Gruppe mit Standort in Zürich Kloten und Flughafen Basel suchen wir per sofort (an einem der Standorte, mit Reisetätigkeit von- / nach Basel oder Zürich, ca. 1x pro Woche) einen fachlich wie auch menschlich überzeugenden IT System & Software Engineer 60% - 80% (w/m)